9 College Swag Ideas Students Will Love

College Swag Ideas Students

Jul 20, 2021 | School Swag

Branded merchandise has traditionally played a major role in the branding of Colleges and Universities, and in these post-pandemic times, it’s more important than ever. With more online classes being offered, college swag ideas boomed and help keep students, teachers and staff connected and feeling they are a part of the school culture.

There are many purposes and programs to incorporate the use of promotional products in colleges and universities, from recruiting fairs to orientation, to campus and sporting events, students look forward to getting their merch and love to use it, as long as it’s useful, good quality, and cool. 

We at Sunrise Printing have been working with our local schools and colleges for over 20 years, and based on what we see, we are sharing the most popular giveaways for college students to spread school spirit.

1. Pop Sockets

These practical gadgets continue to be popular among young adults. They provide a good grip on your phone when texting or shooting photos, and become a media stand for a video chat, and can be used in most phone cases.  

As far as brand exposure, think how many hours a day your students use their phones. If you consider how many impressions your logo will get, your investment is well worth it. 

Pop Sockets

2. School Logo T-shirt

Branded t-shirts have long been college merch staples. Even if doing online classes, students will wear them all over town and keep them for years. They are versatile and with a large print area, you can do a lot with just one color print, like printing your logo, an inspirational message, and even your school mascot.  

There are many styles available but to cut to the chase, our top choice is the Soft Style Cotton T-shirt, it’s nice and soft and comfortable to wear, comes in many colors, it has a flattering fit for both men and women, and at a great price point. 

One of the popular school swag ideas is the school logo T-shirt.

3. Branded Socks

A nice cozy pair of socks come in handy for students when hanging out at home working on assignments. Custom socks will deliver a wow factor and, surprisingly, they can fit your budget. 

Our top pick for college fairs or welcome packs is the Color Match Ankle Socks. These are budget-friendly ankle socks made from a blend of nylon, cotton, and spandex, and you can choose up to 3 Pantone PMS colors for your knit-in jacquard design. Every pair is woven together from scratch to create a totally unique design. 

Socks couldn’t be easier to mail out to your remote learners, and if you need to package them, we can help with that as well. 

The color match socks are also available in other styles such as mid-calf, knee-high, and you can also add custom grips at the bottom.

Student swag ideas include embroidered or printed socks.

4. Custom Printed Phone Charger

Students are always on the go and running out of battery can be an inconvenience, so a decent phone charger is a welcome gift. You don’t need to go with the top-of-the-line most expensive one, but you do want something of quality, like this fast charging power bank with a 10000mAh capacity.

Personalized Phone Charger swag items for college students.

5. Customized Earbuds

Earbuds are another swag students will love to get and use. Our top pick is the  TWS Earbuds that come in their charging case that has plenty of space to display your logo. The quality is pretty good for the price, they’re auto-pairing and auto power on, and give you 2 hours of listening per charge. 

Customized Earbuds are great swag for college students.

6. Branded Water Bottles

Water bottles are another popular college swag staple. There are many styles and price points to choose from but it’s not wise to go with the cheapest style, it’s best to upgrade it as much as your budget permits to make sure students will use it.

Our pick is this nice-looking 24 oz Frosted Tritan™ Bottle. It’s made from durable Tritan plastic, it has a wide-mouth screw-on rubber-seal cap and it’s BPA free. We love the bright colors and the generous print area for your logo. 

Quality Water Bottles are a trendy swag.

7. Custom Design Journal

Despite the digital times, taking notes the old fashion way is still a thing, that’s why a custom branded journal remains a college merch favorite.

We love the Wire Bound Journal & Notebook. They are made from scratch, allowing you to have a blank canvas to showcase your own custom design, with complete personalization from cover to cover. They are a perfect size, not full size, and not too small, at 5.5″ W x 8.5″ H.

You can get fancier by adding digital foil, spot varnish, variable data, and other customization options. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized journals are among the top merch favorites.

8. Pennants

School pennants are classic collectible items. They make perfect new students’ welcome giveaways that can be sent in the mail easily to your remote classes so they feel connected and part of the campus culture. 


Nothing beats a school pennant, the classic and all-time favorite token.

9. Branded Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most useful items for students, as long as they are trendy quality products. One of our team favorites is the Logan Backpack, with an on trend wavy graphite design with a retro vibe. This backpack features a front zippered pocket with a rain flap,  a zippered main compartment with a 15″ laptop sleeve, and a padded back. 

Custom-printed Logan Backpacks are useful tokens for students or employees.

Let’s Build Your College Swag 

There are many more product possibilities that can be used to enhance your college programs, so the ideas presented are just a starting point. If you are interested in any of these product ideas contact us to discuss your objectives, do some brainstorming and help you find the right products that will engage your audience.   


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