Full-Color All-Over 

Print Jerseys For MS Charity Bike Ride

The Challenge

A cyclist group was participating in a MS Charity Bike Ride, as they did every year. Only this time, Tess, a member of their group, had recently passed away in a motorcycle accident. They wanted to honor her by wearing a special shirt with a unique design that represented her. Tess was a pilot, loved dragonflies and had a compass tattoo on her shoulder. We had to come up with a design that combined all those things.


  • Cyclists Group

Services Provided:

  • Graphic Design

  • Full Color Sublimation Printing on Jersey Shirts

The Solution

The theme was Three Stars For Tess – inspired by the 3 stars on pilots’ uniforms.
We created a full color, all over print design that combined the following elements:

  •  The 3 stars across the chest, as the theme
  •  3 stripes on one sleeve as in pilots’ uniforms
  • The single black stripe on the other sleeve as in mourning
  • The GoJet logo, Tess’ employer and one a sponsors
  • The dragonflies that she loved
  • The compass tattoo, the most challenging part of the design work. All we had to work with was a photo, the compass illustration was drawn to make it suitable for printing.
  • Sunrise logo as a sponsor


The design was printed on the jerseys using a sublimation method, which allows to print the entire piece, all over with a full color design. The result is this unique and meaningful commemorative piece everyone appreciated.

    They also sold the jerseys along with the bottles to raise funds.
    Sunrise participated as one of the sponsors, we provided the water bottles as a donation for the project.

    If you’re planning an event and are interested in having a full color design sublimation on shirts, jackets or tracksuits, we’ll be glad to help!

    Before and After