Custom Swag For Colleges, Universities, and Schools

We Are Experts in Creating Memorable Swag For School Programs

We at Sunrise Printing have been providing quality branded products for schools, colleges and universities for a variety of school programs over the years. From recruitment to orientation, to marching bands, and custom pieces for commemorative occasions, we can do it.

Recruiting New Students

College fairs provide the opportunity to promote your school and we can help you stand out and be memorable. We can help you design your booth so it attracts potential students and we can also provide cool giveaways that will communicate your school culture and benefits and move them to take action.


Build and Promote Campus Culture

Culture plays a major role in binding colleges and universities together. Now more than ever, schools need to communicate who they are, what they offer, and the values they stand for. Branded merchandise plays a major role in articulating the school’s culture,  college or university’s branding, communications or marketing strategy


Welcome New Students 

New students bearing your institution merchandise all over town are the perfect brand ambassadors. Make your incoming class feel welcome with a welcome kit of useful branded swag for orientation week, campus tours, and all your new student’s activities.

Marching Bands Uniforms

Marching Bands are a long-standing tradition in high schools and colleges, and Sunrise Printing has been providing quality custom uniforms for student music bands. We are experts in making the most out of your budget and creating a special combination of clothes your students will need for a successful school music band uniform program.


Athletics Team Apparel

We not only provide top-quality high-performance spirit wear for teams and coaches, but we can also help with the graphic design that will showcase the uniqueness of your team. From traditional decoration placements to fully custom design with an all-over print, we can help you bring your vision to life!


Special Custom Projects

We love to create fully custom products when a truly unique piece is required. We’ve done custom full-color designs printed all over apparel, custom commemorative pins, and more. Just tell us what you have in mind, we’ll go create it for you.

School Online Stores

Offer your school merchandise for purchase online or at the school store. We’ll set up the store for your school and help select the items and get them branded. 

Let’s Talk About Your School Swag Requirements

Let’s do some brainstorming together so we can find great products for your project within your budget

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