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Tips to Search For Branded Products

When searching for branded merchandise, it can be easy to get distracted by the sheer amount of promotional product options.  Not to mention our personal preferences, which don’t always match the promotion or our audience’s interests. To make it easier, follow these tips. 

1. Have a Clear Objective in Mind.

It is important to keep in mind the purpose of the branded product and how does it fit in the overall marketing promotion, brand strategy, and culture of our organization.

Some common objectives include:

– Brand Awareness

– Incentives

– Staff Appreciation

– Create buzz for an event


2. What is your budget per item?

It is important to be realistic about the products you can get for your budget and not go for cheap versions to stretch it. Quality is extremely important to make sure your company-branded products are kept and used. 

Make sure you consider the cost of shipping, packaging, and any art prep that might be necessary.

3. When will the recipient use the promotional product? 

This is an important consideration to make sure the products will be put to good use. Think about what’s a day in the life of your recipient, and what products would be useful to them.

4. Are you looking for a stand-alone giveaway or is it part of a broader promotional campaign?

There are times you want to keep an inventory of branded items to hand out as needed. Other times you might have a special event and you are working with a theme. In the first instance, you might want to stick to basics such as tumblers, pens, journals, and T-shirts customized with just your company logo. For the themed products, you might have more flexibility and get creative with the design.

5. What is your timeline?

The process of sourcing and customization of products is different for each item. Some products are in stock and the imprinting process is simple and fast so they can be customized and shipped in a couple of days.  Others with more elaborate designs typically require longer turnaround times. Planning ahead is ideal but not always possible, and we can always find something that works to be delivered in one week.

6. Ask for help 

Researching products is time-consuming at best. We understand you might want to have a look and do research on your own ( don’t we all?) but the fastest way will always be to have us do it for you. 

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