The Hottest Trends To Watch in Promotional Products in 2021

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Mar 15, 2021 | Merchandise Trends

As creatives, we at Sunrise Printing love to be on top of the latest graphic design and merchandise customization techniques. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration and resources that will help us serve our customers better by offering to them our wide range of Promotional Products, which we can customize to meet their unique needs.

There are quite a few interesting trends this year. They are worth considering when planning your promotional product programs, so we’ve summarized them for you in this post.

1. The Retail Look

As we’ve seen for the past few years, retail continues to influence promotional products. Anytime a new product enters the market, it quickly becomes available to be branded. A perfect example is masks. Something non-existent a short year ago, they have become a part of our daily attire.  They can be branded in any way you want so they can be part of your swag mix.  Companies employees and customers appreciate receiving branded masks.

The retail look often means quality products made with quality materials, innovative decoration methods. It can also mean customizing actual retail brands. Examples include Contigo, Yeti, Thermos, Samsonite, Under Armor, and many more.

There are many ways to achieve a retail look that will be unique to your brand by using subtle ways to applying the brand imprint, depending on the item. For example, laser engraving your logo on a leather-look patch that gets sewn onto a garment instead of applying embroidery right onto it.

2. Company Swag Boxes and Mailers

Even though company swag boxes are nothing new, but with so many people working from home, they have become very popular. Businesses and organizations are sending their swag to employees and clients to their homes. Custom merch boxes are used for a variety of purposes. From welcoming a new team member, to creating interest in a virtual event, to appreciation gifts for clients, and so much more. Swag boxes are versatile and one of our specialties. They come in all shapes and sizes, blank or fully customized with your design.

Company Swag Boxes are versatile promotional products for companies or businesses.

3. Bold Colors and Custom Design Printing Upgrades

From colorful prints and bold patterns to bright-colored products, color is everywhere. Now you can have items in exactly the same colors and patterns as your brand colors.

This is probably our favorite trend here at Sunrise Printing. We’ve been working with schools and universities in Raleigh and North Carolina, producing their custom athletic team and marching band apparel, among other custom pieces.

Advances in technology are allowing for larger print areas and interesting design placement options.  Items that can be fully custom dye sublimated with unique designs.

Our clients appreciate our ability to produce the unique custom designs they want instead of having to settle for stock garments with limited printing possibilities. Although regular garments can be nice too, but sometimes they want something extra special.

4. Sustainability

The increasing adoption of sustainable practices has been influencing the swag world in a big way.  It’s a growing practice that continues to expand. The selection of eco-friendly products is continuously growing.  We can find products made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and washable kraft paper material, among others.

We also find that marketing professionals are a lot more selective about their swag choices.  Durability and usefulness tends to prevail as opposed to the cheap giveaway mentality of quantity over quality that ruled just a few years ago.

We hope you found these ideas helpful!

If you’re planning your company or organization’s swag and uniforms, we’d love to help you bring your ideas to life.

We at Sunrise Printing specialize in the selection, sourcing and implementation of branded merchandise. We strive to make your swag interesting and engaging, so you get the desired results.

Schedule a no-obligation brainstorming session to get started.


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